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JULY 2012

General Awareness Facts of July 2012

·         India celebrated 60 years of Parliament on 13 may 2012.

·         Indian Parliament was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker.

·         Indian Parliament was inaugurated on 18 January, 1927.

·         ISRO tests indigenous cryogenic engine successfully. on 12 may 2012 for GSLV.

·         ISRO to launch 22 satellites in 2 years.

·         ISRO chairman is K. Radhakrishnan.

·         Mauritius is the biggest source of FDI inflows accounting for 39.5% of the total in a little over a decade for India.

·         The second Aman ki Asha Indo-Pak economic conference was held in Lahore on 7-8 May, 2012 with Aman ki Asha as its theme.

·         Indian commerce ministry believes that trade between India and Pakistan may reach up-to $12 billion in next five years from 2012.

·         President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil visit to Seychelles and South Africa in first week of May, 2012.

·         Maldivian president Md. Waheed visited India in second week of May, 2012. This was his first foreign visit as a president when he visited New Delhi.

·         India to cut crude imports from Iran by 11%. Iran is second largest oil supplier to India.

·         Anand Sharma is the Commerce and Industry Minister and Jairam Ramesh is Minister for Rural Development.

·         Pratibha Devi Singh Patil has emerged as the most merciful president giving relief to 27 accused in past three decades.

·         India's Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has visited to Myanmar on 27 May, 2012. 12 agreements were signed by the dignitaries of the two countries.

·         India and Malaysia signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement with a review to boost bilateral trade and facilitating exchange of tax information.

·         Defence Ministry of India cleared its long pending $600 billion (Rs. 3000 Crores) proposal to buy 145 ultra-light howitzer guns.

·         Government of India sets C.D.S.C.O. (Central Drug Standard Control Organization), a panel to look into Drug Body Functioning. The panel was constituted by Ghulam Nabi Azad, the Union Health Minister


·         China, Japan and South Korea had a fifth trilateral summit on 13 May, 2012 at Beijing, the capital of China.

·         China's president Mr. Wen Jiabou, South Korean president Mr. Lee Myung Bak and Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Yoshihiko Noda jointly participated in the fifth trilateral summit at Beijing.

·         Britain's Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron auctions the most valuable possession of his i.e. a bat signed by cricket icon Mr. Sachin Tendulkar for raise money for a cricket stadium at Rwanda. It fetched 3400 pounds approximately Rs. 3 lacs at an auction at Lord's.

·         India to write off $200 million line of credit offered to Bangladesh on 6th May, 2012.

·         Vladimir Putin on 7th May, 2012 has become the new President of Russia, the former president Dmitri Medvedev is the new Prime Minister of Russia. Mr. Vladimir Putin was the Prime Minister in Medvedev's 4 years of presidency.

·         Japan shuts their last nuclear reactor and has become Nuclear free after 40 years.

·         US Bill makes Pakistan aid contingent on cooperation.

·         Pak tests Nuclear Capable Hatf-III Ballistic Missile on 10 May 2012. Its range is 290 km.

·         German Chancellor Angela Merkel on 10 May, 2012 that there was no “magic bullet” to beat crisis.

·         Germany to give $ 190 million for Afghan Aid. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on 16 May, 2012 pledged 150 million Euros (US $ 190) per year to Afghanistan from 2015 after a meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

·         France new president is Mr. Francois Hollande after defeating Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy by a narrow margin.

·         The British Military will deploy ‘sonic weapons’- the US made Long Range Acoustic Device- in London during the Olympics. This statement was given by Ministry of Defence spokesperson.

·         The United States has announced relaxing investment restrictions to Myanmar to support democratic and economic reforms there and named its first ambassador to the South-east Asian country in 22 years.

·         The United Stated has snubbed Pakistan at NATO summit on 21 May,

·         G8 Summit 2012 is organized at Camp David. G8 Countries are the group of Developed Countries of the world.

·         A SOYUZ spaceship carrying two Russian and one American astronaut blasted off for an International Station on 15 May, 2012.

·         Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called off early election on May 8 2012.

·         Aung San Suu Kyi received her first passport in 24 years ahead of a planned trip to Norway and Britain.

·         Population Growth of India drops to 17%. India sees 4% decrease from 21% in 10 years.

·         IGNOU launches Diploma in Women and Gender Studies.


  • C.D.S.C.O.: Central Drug Standard Control Organisation.
  • I.A.P.: Integrated Action Plan.
  • I.C.A.I.: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  • I.C.P.A.: Indian Commercial Pilot's Union.
  • M.C.I.: Medical Council of India.
  • S.O.G.D.S.: School of Gender and Developement Studies.
  • T.R.A.I.: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.


  • Philip Abraham (An Indian Journalist from Kerela): Councillor in the United Kingdom.
  • Rahul Khullar: Chairman of (T.R.A.I.) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.
  • Dr. Aziz Qureshi: Governer of Uttarakhand.
  • Margaret Alva: Governer of Rajasthan..
  • Burhan Ghalioun: President of Syria National Council.
  • Jean Marc Ayrault: Prime Minister of France.


  • Maurice Sendak: Passed away on 8 May 2012. He was a famous Author.
  • Donna Summer: Disco Queen. She died in May 2012. She was 83 years old.
  • Carlos Fuentes: Mexican Novelist died on 15 May, 2012. He was 83 years old.
  • Robin Gibb: Singer: He was 62 years old.

Awards and Honours:

  • Pandit Ravi Shankar: (Sitar Maestro) awarded with Tagore Cultural Harmony Award.
  • Vidya Balan named Brand Ambassador of National Sanitation Campaign on 4 May 2012 by Union Rural Developement Ministry.
  • Vanya Mishra (Femina Miss India from Chandigarh): Kalpana Chawla Excellence Award.
  • Eynulla Fatullayev (from country Azerbaijan): 2012 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize 2012.
  • Shyam Benegal: South Asian Cinema Foundation's Excellence in Cinema Award.
  • Ashokamitran (a Tamil writer): 6th NTR National Literary Award on may 4 2012.
  • Tamae Watanabe: World's Oldest Women to climb Mount Everest. She is 73 years old.
  • Amitabh Bacchan: Dada Saheb Phalke Award on 3 May 2012.
  • Dileep Kumar: Dada Saheb Phalke Award on 3 May 2012.
  • 65th Cannes Film Festival 2012:
      1. Best Film: 'Love'/Amour (Austria) by Michael Haneke.
      2. Best Director: Carlos Reygadas for 'Post Tenebras Lux' (Mexico)
      3. Best Screenplay: 'Beyond The Hills' (Romania) by Christina Mungiu.
      4. Best Actress: Cosmina Stratan and Christina Flutur in 'Beyond The Hills'.
      5. Best Actor: Mads Mikkelsen in 'The Hunt'.

Books and Authors

  • 'Escape from Camp 14' is written by Blaine Harden pan Macmillan.
  • 'Manhunt: The ten year search for Bin Laden from 9/11 to Abbotabad' is written by Petergen.
  • 'The Ocean Of Life: The Fate of Man and the Sea' is written by Callum Roberts.

Important Days

  • 1 July: Doctor's Day.
  • 6 July: World Zoonoses Day.
  • 11 July: World Population Day.
  • 18 July: Nelson Mandela International Day.
  • 28 July: World Hepatitis Day.
  • 30 July: International Day of Friendship. 

    General Awareness

    General Awareness

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